2016 IGR : Lagos tops list as Nasarawa slumps the bottom


Lagos State tops the list of States with Internally Generated Revenue, according to the half-year IGR data for 2016 while Nasarawa State slumps to the bottom. The National Bureau of Statistics has released the IGR at the state level for January to June 2016.

The states’ half year IGR data was computed by the National Bureau of Statistics and the Joint Tax Board. Out of the 36 states, Lagos state recorded the highest revenue figure of N301.19 billion while Nasarrawa generated the lowest internal revenue of N2.09 billion.

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The revenue and its figure were generated across the PAYE, direct assessment, road taxes, revenue from ministries, departments and Agencies. Below are the top five states and least five states on the IGR list.

1. Lagos state

The centre of excellence state on its one has generated the highest IGR out of the Nigerian 36 state. The state recorded this high internal revenue figure within the first six months in 2016. Lagos increased from N201.76 billion in 2011 to N301.19 billion in 2016.

2. Rivers state

Even though Rivers is one of the states that are yet to submit its 2016 IGR figure, the state has generated the second highest revenue after Lagos. The state’s IGR increased from N52.71 billion in 2011 to N82 billion in 2015.

3. Ogun state

Ogun state with its internal resources has been positioned the third highest IGR among other Nigerian states. The state within six months in 2016 generated revenue of N56.29 billion. Ogun made this increment from N10.84 billion in 2011.

4. Delta state

Delta state’s internally Generated Revenues has increased from N34.75 billion in 2011 to N50.21 billion in 2013. Now the state IGR stands at N44.89 billion in 2016.

5. Kano state

Kano at the 5th position of the highest revenue generated states has recorded N34.46 billion within the first six months in 2016. The state increased from N6.62 billion in 2011 to N17.14 billion in 2013.

The 5 states with the least generated revenue

1. Jigawa state

The Nigerian state as one of the least IGR states increased from N1.48 billion in 2011 to N9.76 billion in 2013. Jigawa has dropped to N3.34 billion in the first half of 2016.

2. Kebbi state

Kebbi being the second least internally generated revenues decreased from N5.42 billion in 2013 to N3.13 billion in the 2016 IGR half year report.

3. Borno state

Borno IGR increased from N2.28 billion in 2011 to N3.53 billion in 2015. Meanwhile, in the recent 2016 half year report, Borno IGR drops to N2.52 billion in 2016.

4. Etiki state

Ekiti is positioned as second to the last state in its internally generated revenue in 2016. The state increased from N2.49 billion in 2011 to N3.46 billion in 2014 but its revenue has dropped to N2.39 billion in the 2016 IGR half year report.

5. Nasarawa state

Nasarawa according to the IGR 2016 half year report has generated the lowest revenue. The state decreased from N4.13 billion n in 2012 to N4.08 billion in 2014 and later increased to N4.28 billion in 2015. Now, the state has dropped to N2.09 billion.



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