Budget Padding: Why I did not join them

..Prince Adeyemi bombs corrupt lawmakers

Right from the period, I  assumed duties as your Representative in the Green Chamber, I have braced-up for the enormity of challenges it engenders. I have adequately prepared myself to make integrity my watchword and honesty my principle. The journey so far as a Federal legislator has been arduous and tasking.

It is this firm belief I stick to in all tempting situations. That was why, When some members betrayed the party, APC, on whose back they rode to become what they are today, I did not join them. When some members jettisoned party instructions and got chairmanship and vice chairmanship positions of juicy committees, I did not join them. When members brawled over the appointment of principal officers of the House; to the extent of tearing one another’s cloths, I did not join them. When some fraudulent legislators collaborated to defraud Nigerians by padding and inserting some phony projects into the 2016 budget; I, Prince Adeyemi Akeem Adeniyi Obasegun, did not join them.

I strongly believe in an adage that says, “The true measure of a man is determined by his honesty, integrity and the respect he gives to others.” As a prince and a son of one of the most revered monarchs in Africa, I will never soil the name of the kingdom and her good people in any ignoble or mean act. As an Oyo man; an Omoluabi who is always watchful of his steps, I cannot afford to sacrifice the good image of our dear Town on the altar of avarice and unbridled quest for monetary gains.

On many occasions, I was lured to join a certain cabal in the House to circumvent the course of Change heralded by our amiable President, Muhammadu Buhari, I resisted all temptations and stuck to a noble cause of truthfulness, uprightness and honesty.

This did not come as a surprise. I had faced the same circumstance during ex-President Goodluck Jonathan era. I was invited to the Villa by the President, lured with money and PDP nomination ticket to sell the conscience of my people, I saw it as a Greek gift and rejected their unsolicited advances. Even, the person that later contested as PDP flag-bearer knew he held the ticket in trust for me; waiting for my return to PDP.

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As a noble Yoruba man, with glittering antecedents of moral eminence and freedom from anything petty and dubious, I cannot, for any reason, drag our omoluabi cognomen in the mud.  Instead, I prefer to keep the bond of camaraderie that exists between Kabiyesi, Iku Baba Yeye, The Alaafin of Oyo, the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Senator Isiaka Ajimobi, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, Governor Ibukunle Amosun and other prominent sons and daughters of Yoruba race intact. I was raised to believe that my share in this world will never evade me, no matter how frustrating and gloomy the situation may appear. This is the training I received right from my childhood days.

Though, I have been denied of so many opportunities and allowances, in spite of the fact that we are touted to be equal. However, I remain steadfast and steely determined not to be rattled or ruffled. To any man of great insight; not all that glitters is gold and anything amassed fraudulently is transient and ephemeral.

Many of us who took the path of party supremacy were treated like outcasts, despite the fact that we are in the ruling party. Even, those in the opposition party look at us with pity.

Thank God, the current imbroglio involving The Speaker; Rt Hon. Yakubu Dogara, Hons. Abdul Mumin Jibrin, Leo Ogor, Ado Doguwa is a clear vindication for those who stood for the truth during the leadership crisis that engulfed the House. The startling revelation made by Hon. Jibrin clearly shows that there is rot and graft in the House. It is a demonstration of how the good people of Nigeria have been short-changed since the inception of this nascent democracy in 1999, and I am glad to be part of the members of the 8th Assembly that are resolute in stamping out padding from our national budget.

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Furthermore, it reveals the raging impunity and how our scarce resources are being plundered by a greedy few in the hallowed chamber of the National Assembly. How would it have been, if I was involved in such a monumental fraud that has taken a national dimension? Your guess is as good as mine. I would have buried my head in shame and ignominy for bringing our name to disrepute. Oyo Federal Constituency would have come on the national stage, not for sterling feats achieved; but for vile and despicable act committed by your son, Skimeh.

Oyo shall never be disgraced. I will always stand tall to raise the banner of Oyo high among other constituencies with pride, honour and selfless service to our nation. I will always fight your cause and demand for what is legally due to you in our commonwealth. All the projects I have facilitated or striven to include in the budget are your rights. I will never join those who, out of selfish desires, are stunting the growth and development of Nigeria.

I hereby submit that EFCC should carry out thorough investigations into these allegations and bring all those involved in these criminal saga to book.

God bless Nigeria.
God bless President Muhammadu Buhari.
God bless Oyo Federal Constituency.
Oyo o ni baje o.

Hon. Prince Adeyemi Akeem Adeniyi, aka Skimeh is a Member, Federal House of Representatives, Abuja.



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