Hillary Clinton buoyed by high turnout as fears grow of voter intimidation

The first Election Day results are in from Guam – and the people of the US island territory have decided overwhelmingly in favour of Hillary Clinton. 
Guam voters traditionally predict the winner of the US election since 1980 – with the exception of 1996. In the past three elections, however, Guam decided the victor.
Ms Clinton earned about 72 per cent of Guam’s vote, while Donald Trump earned only 24 per cent.
Still, Guam has no representation in the US electoral college, so these results have no bearing on the actually election.
Latino voters in Nevada overwhelmed the polling places during early voting that some were required to stay open an extra two hours to accommodate the people who showed up, according to KTNV political analyst Jon Ralston.
According to Mr Ralston, Latino voter turnout is so high, Mr Trump has basically zero chance of winning Nevada.
The state’s GOP chair, Michael McDonald, decried the extension of the times in Clark County, as the predominantly Mexican-American voters filed in to their polling stations.
“Last night, in Clark County, they kept a poll open until 10 o’clock at night so a certain group could vote,” Mr McDonald said at a Sunday rally for Trump. “The polls are supposed to cose at seven. This was kept open until 10. Yeah, you feel free right now? You think this is a free and easy election? That’s why it’s important.”
Polls can remain open to accommodate everybody who shows up before the stations are scheduled to close.
Donald Trump has still given no indication that he will accept the results of the election should he lose.
When asked during an appearance at his polling station Tuesday morning, he simply said: “We’ll see what happens.”
Mr Trump made headlines following the third debate with his opponent, Hillary Clinton, when he declined say he would accept a loss.
“I’ll keep you in suspense,” he told the moderator.
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