Leaked Sex Tape: Miss Anambra 2015,Chidinma Okeke Loses Crown


….As she Tops Google Search for a Week

“Good morning all,” she wrote. “This is Chidinma Okeke, Miss Anambra 2015, considering the need to make the world know the truth about the trending scandal and what we have been going through before, then and now I decided to address a world press conference at the NUJ press centre Awka today. But from the moment I made public this intention I have been under the siege of threats by blackmailers and traducers,” Miss Anambra 2015, Chidinma Okeke, who lost her crown after an alleged sex tape of herself and a female friend hit the internet took to Facebook to address the controversy in a new post.

“They are seriously threatening to shoot me at the press conference if I ever open my mouth to say real truth about the ugly episode,” she added.

“My life is under serious threat if they succeed in killing me today the world already know my traducers the truth is unearthedm” Okeke revealed to her followers that she has since received death threats after she made it public that she would like to hold a public press conference.

It will be recalled that She called for a press conference on Thursday, Oct. 27, much to the chagrin of her representatives, who are warning her that it could backfire on her.

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Rumors are circulating that the Anambra Broadcasting Service, the organizers of the pageant, are behind the beauty queen’s controversy. According to an alleged online source, via Secret Reporters, Chidinma has been allegedly having an affair with the top management staff of the organization.

Miss Anambra 2015 has become the top trending topic on Google for most of this past week. It is, in part, due to her sex tape that went viral on social media. It all started when the hashtag #BeautyQueen began to trend on social media; however, it’s not clear on what social media site.

A video featuring the pageant queen engaged in lesbian sex acts with one of her close friends named Ada, who is also said to be a beauty queen as well, was released to the public.

Okeke spoke out immediately about the scandal shortly after the sex tape went viral on social media. She insisted that the video was of another person and not herself and that her face was Photoshopped onto that person.

However, the organizers of the Miss Anambra Beauty Pageant, Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS), released a statement to confirm that it was Okeke in the footage and they condemn the sexual act.

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It is not clear who leaked Miss Anambra’s alleged sex tape. The blackmailer behind the tape is still unknown and the reasons behind the leak is also still not yet known. In addition, the blackmailer has released part two of the video, which clearly shows the beauty queen’s face in the one-minute footage.

The reason why the news of Miss Anambra is causing global attention is because homosexuality is a crime in her native country of Nigeria and is punishable by law. Okeke could face up to 14 years in prison. While she’s trying to build her brand as a beauty queen, she will have a hard time getting sponsorships since having a sex tape and being homosexual is still considered a stigma in the country, reports Nigeria Today. It seems like some countries still can’t move on from these very normal and human behaviors.

As for Miss Anambra 2015, she plans to hire a lawyer and press charges against the anonymous person responsible for leaking the sex tape.



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