Reno Omokri: Super Falcons, loser government!

On Friday the 9th of December, 2016, a bewildered nation woke up to read the news that the Nigerian government did not expect its own team, the Super Falcons, to win the African Women’s Cup of Nations.

Said the minister of sport, Solomon Dalung, “don’t forget that nobody even knew the team will emerge victorious. If we were confident they will emerge victorious, all the federation would have done is to plan for the process of participation and entitlement.”

Nigerians have already come to expect such pedestrian speech from a minister who once said our footballers were too hungry to go for the World Cup, but we never expected the beret wearing minister to go so low to prove to us that he is bereft of ideas. We already knew that!

Going into the AWCoN, the Super Falcons were the defending champions and even beyond that they had won seven of the last AWCoNs consecutively.

Now it beats my imagination that the minister would say that he and his ministry did not expect a team that had already won the seven previous editions to win the eighth!

That would be like saying you did not expect your eight month pregnant wife to deliver even though she had lived with you for seven unbroken months of pregnancy prior to the eighth month.

I began pondering about the statement from the minister of sports and I cannot believe that a member of the Executive Council of the Federation can operate from such a low mentality.

The more I thought of his words, the more I believed that the minister was not speaking literally. I am beginning to suspect he was speaking in parables.

In my opinion, Dalung’s speech is a classic case of what is called projection in psychology. The federal government is projecting itself onto the Falcons. The Buhari administration never expected to win in 2015 and so they never prepared to govern. That is why it took the President eight months after his victory to pick ministers like Solomon Dalung.

Even more annoying is the threat to ban the girls for life for complaining about their unpaid allowances. Thank God that the public backlash to this information caused the Nigerian Football Federation to quickly deny such madness!

And do you know the funny thing? Around the period Mr. Dalung was making his callous statement, President Paul Biya of Cameroon was hosting the Indomitable Lionesses, Cameroon’s team to the AWCoN, whom the Super Falcons beat, to emerge victorious. President Paul Biya’s office released photos of him taking selfies with the girls and celebrating them.

The Indomitable Lionesses were celebrated, wined and dined and paid all their dues, while the Super Falcons were denigrated, used and dumped and owed all their dues!

And an even funnier thing is that a Nigerian state governor admitted on tape that he paid killer herdsmen not to kill his own citizens again yet the Nigerian state has no money to pay the victorious Super Falcons! Obviously, the Falcons are in the wrong business!

Some of them may now cast their mind back to the President’s statement that his wife belongs to his ‘other rooms’. Maybe he is punishing the Super Falcons for having the audacity not to be be confined to the ‘other rooms’!

Again, let me remind the All Progressive Congress led federal government that propaganda can get you to power, but only proper agenda can make you a success while in power!

Beyond the sloganeering and mouthing of the word ‘change’, what is the agenda of this government? What is their policy?

What has happened to the Super Falcons is merely one in a series of behaviors that betray the fact that a government which spent its electioneering period painting its predecessor as clueless is itself beyond clueless.

A government that says it wants to attract foreign investment and yet dilly dallies on its economic policy. In a dizzying roller coaster ride of unpredictability, the government first pegged, then floated then acted as if it did not float the currency. Next it began arresting Bureau de Change operators, then it bans what it had unbanned and unbanned what it had banned and all the while foreign investors are watching Nigeria with amazement!

If anybody is telling the President that foreign investors are going to come to Nigeria under this present system of policy uncertainty, that person is his worst enemy.

The fact that the President is using the very same policies that failed him so woefully in 1984 in 2016 is proof positive that some people grow old but they do not grow up!

Look at former President Olusegun Obasanjo, a former military dictator like President Buhari, who also found his way back to power as a civilian leader.




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