Robert Mugabe’s corpse will contest for presidency – Wife

Grace Mugabe, wife of Zimbabwe dictator, Robert Mugabe has warned oppositions to stop wishing her husband death because even if he dies, his corpse will contest for Presidency.

Grace Mugabe, the first lady of Zimbabwe and wife of 92 year old dictator Robert Mugabe, has said her husband won’t be leaving power anytime soon.

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Grace Mugabe

According to The Guardian, Grace Mugabe accused some ruling Zanu-PF party officials of plotting to take over from her husband and said that if he dies supporters should put his name on the ballot to show their love for him.

Grace told thousands of supporters at a rally in Buhera, eastern Zimbabwe that her husband is beloved by many who will vote for him even in death.

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Grace who spoke in Shona, a native language reportedly said: “If Mugabe dies, we will field his corpse as a candidate for elections to prove that people love him.”

A media house in Zimbabwe later tweeted the first lady speech for those who aren’t fortunate enough to be present at the rally.



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