Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features

As Samsung continues its preparation for the range of smartphones that the corporation will release in 2017, rumors this week suggest that the Galaxy Note 8 may be rather similar to the Galaxy S8 Plus. Samsung has yet to confirm either device, but it seems that the two phablet contenders will have a great deal in common.

Trickle down

Samsung is expected to include several new features in the forthcoming Galaxy S8 Plus, with the anticipation being that these will ultimately trickle down into a Galaxy Note 8 release later in 2017. In previous generations, the Galaxy Note has been more powerful than the Galaxy S series, with this contributing to the exalted reputation of the phablet range.

But after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, it seems that Samsung is reconsidering the way that it positions its major devices. Murmurings indicate that Samsung may release two phablet devices during its spring launch, with the larger of these two, the Galaxy S8 Plus, featuring a 6.2-inch display. This would make the scale of the handset similar to that of the Galaxy Note 7, which had 153.5 x 73.9 x 7.9 mm dimensions and a 3,500 mAh battery; the latter having already being linked with the forthcoming Galaxy S8 Plus.

S Pen stylus

However, one way that Samsung could differentiate between the two devices is with the inclusion of the S Pen stylus with the Galaxy Note 8. While this has been a staple of the Galaxy Note range for some years, the company is not expected to include a similar device with the Galaxy S8 Plus.

Indeed, the S Pen could very well be a major focus of both technology and marketing in the Galaxy Note 8 generation. An integrated speaker is expected when the S Pen for the Galaxy Note 8 emerges, with Samsung apparently working on some revolutionary features for this stylus.

But in other aspects, the Galaxy S8 Plus is expected to act as a testing ground for the Galaxy Note 8, with Samsung needing to produce a particularly stable device after the exploding Galaxy Note 7 was recalled. This will mean that there is a significant amount of design crossover between the Galaxy S8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8, with Samsung ensuring that features are tested in the real world before being integrated into the next generation phablet.

Slimmed down bezels

Early Galaxy S8 leaks have hinted at a device with extremely thin bezels and a virtually wraparound display, and it is expected that the Galaxy Note 8 will also reflect this ethos. This would suggest that the next generation phablet will be approximately the same size as the doomed Galaxy Note 7, but also incorporating a larger display.

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4K display

Rumors this week have also suggested that the Galaxy S8 will benefit from a 4K resolution display, and if this is indeed the case it is an absolute certainty that we will see a 4K resolution screen as part of the Galaxy Note 8 spec list. There is no doubt that 4K resolution is becoming a bigger part of the mainstream technology landscape, and with Samsung having been so associated with screen technology it would be a natural move for the corporation to embrace 4K in 2017. Samsung has been the largest seller of television sets for some years, and thus the Korean company’s display technology is particularly lauded.


In other news this week, it has been announced that support for LineageOS has been stepped up for several devices. LineageOS is a free and open-source operating system for smartphones and tablet computers, based on the Android mobile platform, providing smartphone and tablet owners with an alternative to mainstream OS.

With LineageOS having migrated to the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and Galaxy Note 8 tablet, it is expected that the operating system will be available for both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 when these two devices emerge. This will Provide purchasers of the two flagship Samsung phones with an additional operating system option this year.

Slim handset

Aside from the reliability of the Galaxy Note 8, it is obvious that the device must also deliver an impressive package in order to make consumers forget about the Note 7 debacle. While Apple has long since been fixated on ensuring that its device releases are particularly slim, it is suggested that Samsung will attempt to do something outstanding in this department with the Galaxy Note 8.

Recent reports have even indicated that the depth of this device may be less than 8mm, making this the slimmest phablet that Samsung has ever released. Considering that this will be coupled with a significant increase in the size of the device’s display, and one can see that there will be a sizeable design evolution with the Galaxy Note 8.

Wireless charging

Another interesting area related to the Galaxy Note 8 is the wireless charging capabilities of the handset. It is increasingly expected that Apple will introduce a revolutionary new wireless charging system when the iPhone 8 is released, and that this will enable users of the iconic device to charge the iPhone 8 from a distance of 15 feet. This has never been achieved in any other smartphone previously, and thus heaps pressure on Samsung to improve the wireless charging capabilities of the Galaxy Note series.

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There hasn’t been a huge amount of information in the media about how the system in the Galaxy Note 8 will operate, but there have been rumors from close to the Samsung supply chain that the company is working on an ultra-fast form of wireless charging. This has been patented previously, and with Samsung always keen to match Apple in every smartphone department, it has plenty of time to implement this in order to ensure that the Note 8 can compete with the iPhone 8.

Core hardware

One can expect the Galaxy Note 8 to be hugely powerful in order to provide an outstanding virtual reality and graphics experience. And the latest hardware being linked with this device is the Exynos 8895M. When paired with 6GB of RAM, this will ensure that the Note 8 is arguably the most powerful phablet on the market.

UPDATE 03-08-2017: An interesting little news story that has been generating some amusement in tech circles this week has been the new codename for the Galaxy Note 8. According to SamMobile, this forthcoming phablet is known at Samsung as simply ‘Great’. This is setting the bar high for the next generation release, and some comedians might indeed suggest that it’s a good job that the previous release in the series wasn’t codenamed thus…

4K display

There is still no official news on the Galaxy Note 8, other than Samsung confirming its intention to release the device later this year. However, reports are multiplying which suggest that the Galaxy Note 8 may benefit from a 4K display. BGR reported on this possibility recently, also suggesting that this will pave the way for the device to be virtual reality compatible.

Virtual reality

Business Korea has also been reporting on this possibility, suggesting that the device will be particularly compatible with the Gear virtual reality wearable device.



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