Social Media Activist marries admist Glitz and Glamour


Lagos was agog as Lagos-based Social Media Activist and World political Analyst, Yusuf Jimoh Aweda and his heartthrob, Bushrah Oyebanji tied the knot in a colourful wedding staged in the state on Saturday, November 26th 2016 .

The much-awaited wedding of the foremost Microsoft certified ICT expert was held at the Lagos state secretariat mosque, Alausa.
In the build up to the wedding day, the social media had been awash with various posts and tweets stimulating the publics ahead of the wedlock. Our correspondent reports that the wedding was tagged “AwedaShiju2016.”
At about 9 am, the bride’s groom had arrived the wedding venue in a black Prado jeep. In no time, the bride also rode into the venue. She could be seen as she disembarked from a decorated silver Pathfinder jeep.
The bride, full of alluring smiles, was clad in a cream Arabian bridal gown, decorated with colourful and glowing pearl beads wearing a cool red hijab on the apparel.
The groom was wearing a white Arabian apparel popularly called Jalabia with a wine head scarf otherwise known as “Mindeel,” laced with a black Arabian string tightening the scarf to the head and a black spec.
Muslim scholars, dignitaries, well-wishers and the couples had been seated in the main bowl of the mosque, almost filled to the brim.
The Aqdun Nikah (holy solemnisation) proceeding commenced with a recitation from the Glorious Qur’an chapter 4 V 1-5 by one the respected Hufaaz -l-Qur’an (Qur’an memorizers) from the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria ( MSSN) (UNILAG) which has been on suspension for almost one-and-a-half) years now.
Respected Islamic scholar and senior lecturer, Actuarial Science department, faculty of business administration, UNILAG, Dr. Tajudeen Yusuf, delivered the nikah sermon.
The imam, UNILAG central mosque announced that to the congregation that the bride price otherwise known as “Mahr,” demanded by the bride were books of Islamic jurisprudence and History titled Fiqh Sunnah and Men and Women Around the Messenger respectively.
He noted that marriage in Islam is based on a concrete contractual agreement binding by the fundamental laws of the Qur’an.
He added, “Many people do marry for different reasons but, the best motivation for marriage is to marry because of Allah.”
Admonishing the couple, he urged them to be mindful of their responsibilities to each other and live together with mercy and peace.
The don advised them to base their marriage on the pristine Islamic foundation and effective communication and understanding.
He said, “Food, intimacy, your relatives and children may pose lots of challenges to your marriage but ensure you know how to manage these variables properly to sustain your home.”
After the holy solemnisation, the reception followed immediately in the hall within the central mosque premises.
With a flowing apparel she covered herself with, the bride was accosted to the reception with a group of bride’s maids marching ahead.
The bride’s groom, who clad in his creamy Atiku fabric-made brocade garnished with designer embroidery, also marched alongside the bride just as the groom’s men all clad in wine and pink caps marched with him to the colour-sparkling reception.
One of the close associates of the bride’s groom, Mustapha Rabiu briefly addressed the guests on how the couple started the relationship and their lifetime at UNILAG among other things about them.
The event climaxed with talk presentations and Islamic rhyme performance by promising Islamic rhymes composers, MeritBorn and his counterpart, Ridwan Ma’ruf.
The prevailing atmosphere of the reception was that of excitement amidst pomp. The ceremony soon came to halt with a vote of thanks delivered by the apparently elated groom. Afterwards, the couples and their parents, relatives and well-wishers dashed out for group photographs.
The bride’s groom, a native of Kwara state, read physics and electronics with expertise in solid state physics and finished from UNILAG in 2015.
He is the founder and director of the Center for HumanRectitude, a major voice that frequently reacts to pressing issues of national and international interest.
As a foremost contributor, he has published various opinion articles in various national newspapers and online news outlets.
Aweda doubles as the CEO,Gigahertz Technology, web development network based in Lagos.
Similarly, the bride, an Oyo state-born, finished from UNILAG. She read business administration and graduated in 2013.
She runs a clothing line called Bee’s Apparel with major interest in the Muslim ladies wears and general fashion and designer wears.
The duo had at one-time served as the public relations officer of MSSN UNILAG.
By Miftaudeen Raji , Lagos
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