Why Post-Brexit Britain Needs Nigeria

Post-Brexit, Britain will face a trading challenge. This is one of the most important economic realities of our time. The subject was in the spotlight again last week, as the…

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2016 Year in Review: Brexit means Brexit

“To be or not to be in Europe”. This is the question David Cameron promised to ask the British people during his electoral campaign in 2015. At that time, it…

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Brexit: Britain can’t exit EU without a vote from Parliament, U.K. court rules

In a major blow for Britain’s government, the High Court ruled Thursday that the prime minister can’t trigger the U.K.’s exit popular know as Brexit from the European Union without…

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David Cameron resigns as UK vote for Brexit

Today is an historic day as United Kingdom vote out of European Union. This is as a result of the referendum (Brexit) held which turn out to be the highest…

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