Opinion: Trump, The Good, The Bitter Truth and The Scary


At first, I took the whole thing as a joke and I thought that before the election takes place,Trump will declare to the world that he was only trying to see how many people will support the horrible things he was campaigning for.

When that did not happen and his supporters were growing by the day, I decided to look at what could possibly be the reason for this even when, on a weekly basis, the man breaks his own records of low. Then I realised that quite a large number of people have unimaginable hatred for Hillary.

Because of her past and all the horrible things she has done, some people were willing to vote for a man who defies morality in its entirety than make her president. Then, I started thinking, if this man does not step down, there is a chance he might become America’s next president (scary).

But I tried to not to give into that line of thinking, I wanted to believe that Americans will do what is right, but like a smart little girl said to her mum, if Brexit can happen in the UK, then Trump can happen in America, and it did.

I think what is more important now are the lessons (the Good, the Scary and the Bitter Truth) we learn from this whole thing.

The Good

Belief in Yourself no matter what the whole world says, just believe and work to achieve. Everyone said Trump could not possibly be elected but he believed he had a chance and went ahead, he succeeded.

The Bitter Truth

Take care of the people you meet on your way up or they will be the ones to bring you down. No one can know this better than Hillary. People remembered all she did and decided based on her dealings with them.

The Scary

Americans who are  quick to point fingers at or condemn others for not upholding specific rights have elected a man who has no regards for any and every right whatsoever, as their president, very scary. This tells me to be extremely careful before commenting or condemning others.

And finally, no matter what we desire or work for, everything has been decreed by Allah and all will happen according to His plan. We might think that Trump presidency is a horrible thing but somehow it turns out to be good, we never know.

Behind every disappointment is a blessing, what blessings are there in Trump becoming American’s next president? Only Allah knows and we pray that He guide us to see and benefit from the blessings.

By Railu Mustapha-Tiamiyu, CEO 4Ontreprenuer, London, UK



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